Les terrasses VIP et les places en belvédère pour les essais du samedi lors du GP de Monaco offrent une vue imprenable sur la piste et sur les voitures de Formule 1, Formule 2 et Formule 3 qui s’élancent sur la piste.

Our apartment is equipped with all the comfort and equipment necessary for you to have a pleasant stay. You will have access to a private terrace with comfortable seating and panoramic views of the track, as well as a furnished lounge.

In addition to these amenities, we also offer quality catering so that you can enjoy delicious meals and high-quality drinks during your stay. Our receptionists will be at your disposal to make sure everything goes well and answer all your questions.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the Monaco Grand Prix in an exceptional way. Reserve your places now in our VIP apartment with terrace overlooking the track, with catering service and hostesses and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Our terraces have the most beautiful view of the starting grid

1.400,00 - 2.950,00
1.900,00 - 6.000,00
1.500,00 - 4.800,00
1.500,00 - 4.800,00
1.200,00 - 3.200,00
1.200,00 - 3.200,00



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