Experience Epicureanism at Its Peak at the 2024 Monaco F1 Grand Prix 🏁

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience during the F1 Monaco Grand Prix in May 2024? Do not look any further ! Join us for sensational VIP evenings at the AMBER LOUNGE club, the height of glamor and excitement during this legendary event.

Why choose AMBER LOUNGE?

Electric Atmosphere:AMBER LOUNGE is renowned for its lively parties, world-renowned DJs and electric atmosphere. Every night is a party in itself, with celebrities and F1 fans coming from all over the world.

Celebrate in Style:As a VIP, you will have access to private tables, premium bottles of champagne, and world-class service. This is a unique opportunity to live like a star during the Grand Prix.

Exceptional Encounters:Join us with your friends to share memorable moments with international top models, past and present F1 drivers. More the merrier, the merrier ! Invite them to live this incomparable experience alongside you.

Why Book Now?

Golden Dates:Evenings at the AMBER LOUNGE club are in constant demand, especially during the Monaco Grand Prix. Book now to guarantee your place on one or all evenings from May 23 to 26, 2024.

Limited Exclusive:Places are limited, and the AMBER LOUNGE experience is popular. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in these exclusive evenings.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience unforgettable evenings at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Reserve your seats now and prepare for an unparalleled VIP experience. It's time to celebrate in style!

VIP evening of the Monaco GP

Amber Lounge Monaco individual evening pass

600,00 - 1.400,00
Out of stock

VIP evening of the Monaco GP

Shared cocktail table

5.200,00 - 6.500,00

VIP evening of the Monaco GP

DELUXE Amber Lounge Table (6 pax)

6.700,00 - 7.200,00

VIP evening of the Monaco GP

DIAMOND Amber Lounge Table (10 pax)


VIP evening of the Monaco GP

GOLD Amber Lounge Table (8 pax)


VIP evening of the Monaco GP

Deluxe shared table

1.000,00 - 1.100,00

VIP evening of the Monaco GP

Silver shared table


VIP evening of the Monaco GP

PLATINUM Amber Lounge Table (10 pax)


VIP evening of the Monaco GP

SILVER Amber Lounge Table (8 pax)




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